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We create and produce original content while empowering veterans with the skills to do the same. 


We Belong Network is the premier source of entertainment for veterans, their families, and friends. Our focus is developing original programming for national and international distribution. WBN has produced a series of four episodes entitled Conversations from the Inside, and a narrative film entitled Rapid Deployment. The film screened at the 2019 Black International Cinema in Berlin, Germany in May 2019. 


In conjunction with the Lehman College Office of Veteran Affairs, WBN employs three production-based apprentices who are trained in the production fields; each supports the work of WBN alongside a professional.


These transferrable skills will allow veterans the opportunity to seek outside employment in the production field, and also provide WBN with increased productivity within our own productions.

The official poster for the 2019 Black International Cinema Berlin. Click the poster to learn more about WBN's participation in the exclusive film festival. 

The 13th Floor: Listen To a Vet Podcast

Our podcast was created to examine and discuss the resources that are available for veterans and their families. 

The 13th floor is a fictitious floor where veterans in need of help can find vital information and support. Some of the resources we discuss include housing, how to apply for social services, and much more. 



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Rapid Deployment Trailer

Rapid Deployment Trailer

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Rapid Deployment, a WBN Original Production Directed by Susan Watson-Turner, Screenwriter Tiffani Stone, Featuring Christine Danielle and Soundtrack by Bruce Purse and Omar J. Noel.

A film depicting the plight of a young mother deployed and returning home to her young child who had forgotten her.