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Today’s help is a bright future for Veterans tomorrow.

We Belong Network is a digital platform that seeks to serve our nation's veterans as well as their families and friends. We provide resources, information, and entertainment that is relevant to the Urban based veteran community.

By donating as little as $25 your support helps us continue to provide services to veterans in need.

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Donate today via PayPal or with a credit or debit card.

Other Ways To Get Involved

Your time and energy are invaluable! Here are
some other ways to help WBN help our veterans.


Volunteer Your Time

Your time is a precious gift. We need volunteers to help us with our ongoing events and activities. Contact us today to learn about ways you can support WBN. 


Support Our Podcast

The 13th Floor: Listen to a Vet Podcast examines the resources that are available for veterans and their families. Tune in daily for the latest discussions and vital information! 

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